In part, I began this blog to give myself an extra push, some extra motivation, to write regularly and practice different forms of writing. It is, as many blogs are, in very significant ways a blog for myself: to keep me honest, to keep me writing, even just to organize my work. But I have journals for that, if that were really all I cared about – this blog is also, of course, a place to share

This blog could be classified a number of ways, but ultimately it is a collection of the thoughts, observations, tips, and ideas that I have as I navigate a strikingly complex world. I’m not here to make generalizations about millennials or any other demographic, but I will say that given my age, it may be that much of what I have to say pertains most strongly to other young adults, who perhaps find themselves thrust rather unceremoniously into the world and are doing their best to figure things out.

I won’t pretend I have much figured out. Or anything, really. But I love to write, and I hope that in writing some of my thoughts or experiences, I can be of help to someone else. Or at least provide an interesting read every once in a while.